Super Sekt, Winzersekt

To understand this Emperor of Sekt, because Winzersekt cannot be a Queen and never a mere King, one has to feel it on the tongue, inhale it and linger over it.  Winzersekt is not simply sipped, it invades and it conquers.

Kaiser Wilhelm II financed the building of his battle fleet with the taxes he imposed on Sekt and since the Germans are the biggest consumers (5 litres pp annually) and producers of sparkling wine in the world today, he was on to a good wicket. 98% of all German produced sparkling wine is sold as Sekt and only 1% is considered to be premium. From that small percentage only 500,000 cases of Winzersekt are produced annually.

Riesling is the most important and certainly the most suitable wine used here since it is a true wine of Germany and, to my mind, the very essence. Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris (though rare in Germany) come a close second. It seems only right that Riesling be used in the manufacture of the noblest of German Sekts since they do have have an incredible balance between acidity and sweetness. Ripening late, the grapes are quite resistant to the winter cold and can even survive the occasional frost.

Winzersekt is made using the méthode traditionnell. The traditional champenoise method is used but the words,  “traditionelle Flaschengaerung” appear on the label. Menger Krug at Gau Odenheim houses outstanding products and you can rest assured that their Winzersekt‘s are made only from grapes of a specific area with the vintages dated, the villages and vineyards duly noted and the quality scrupulously controlled. These insanely undervalued wines are extremely well priced and in these difficult times – a must buy.  For those who don’t like Riesling, try the Winzersekt Spatburgunder Rotsekt – it’s a rare treat  and certainly worth a try!   A sparkling Pinot Noir worthy of early morning breakfasts and late afternoon cocktail celebrations.


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