Happy Birthday Madiba!!

Many Happy Returns for today. You have been one of my greatest hero’s for as long as I care to remember and for your celebration I give you this and all the best from my whole family and from me!


They tell me that this is your favourite food – with a freshly slaughtered sheep. Jippee many of us will shout in absolute jo because, secretly, many of us love meat. Back to the Amarhewu (pronounced a-ma-grewu (with a soft ‘g’). It has a sour taste and it may take you by surprise – it is called beer and it is called porridge, but those in the know tell me that it depends on how long the fermentation process takes. Flora, my godchild’s mother and my good friend and housekeeper, tells me that you she likes it and you drink it “just like that”. I have heard that some people commit sacrilege and add fruit.

Fresh slaughtered organic sheep, washed down with a bowl of Amarhewu then, is what I wish for you.

2lb Cornmeal
2.5 Gallons Water
1/2lb Wheat Flour

1. Boil the cornmeal in the water for about 2 hours.
2. Mix in the wheat flour
3. pour mixture into a container witha lid (not sealed)
4. Leave in a dark place for 2 days

To be drunk after 2 days, but it can be let to ferment a little longer – up to a week. But then beware.

I don’t think there are any foodies around that do not wish you the same – maybe, just maybe on your 100th I will be able to make it for you.



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Madiba!!

  1. Lisa

    Happy Birthday Madiba!!

    Hope someone special makes you your favourite beer!

    Love from Cologne, Germany

  2. Gabi

    Happy Birthday to an enlightened, wise and graceful human being!
    Madiba, I honor and respect you and look forward to your 100th birthday!

  3. Happy happy…. Thanks for bringing colour to an otherwise grey country! Bless your soul.

  4. Happy Birthday.. Veels geluk.. iMini Emandi Kuwe..
    Happy 90th Birthday Tata Madiba.
    You are the worlds father!

  5. We watched a programme on UK TV on Friday night about Robben Island and its most famous prisoner. Looking at Madiba and all his contemporaries on the island being interviewed, you just felt the strength of character and empathy for humankind shining from them. How things have changed in SA politics…

    I hope Madiba enjoys the rest of his retirement in the knowledge that he has served as a beacon for the oppressed all over the world.

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