So what is this xenophobia all about? The picture above, actually.  Isn’t it about time we put and end to it?! I did a bit of research in the past few days and as I read I became more and more horrified – so much so, that the article isn’t going to happen. Apparently it’s always been with us, right from the beginning. I thought that after the genocide in Germany we wouldn’t go there again.

But it just kept happening!

In Yugoslavia in the 1990’s when the Serbs would, dearly, have loved to get rid of every ethnic group except their own; in the Dominican Republic (1992 – 2006) when the Haitian horror took place; in the USA with the Mexicans in 1994; in Switzerland last year; in Kenya this year; in South Africa in May of this year and in Italy a few days ago, when furious Italians had had enough of the gypsies.

It is the South African one that disturbs me particularly. Everything about it just seems unbelievable! The fact that the poorest of the poor attacked and even murdered many of the millions and millions of the refugees that have swarmed into our country from the north, seeking shelter from the brutality of their own government, is so abnormal that nobody can swallow it. The fact that our Government did absolutely nothing doesn’t seem anything – it is a disgrace.

Why here and why do xenophobic attacks happen at all – anywhere in the world? Ever?

There are a few factors that seem to be present when such an outbreak occurs. There is a recession, a shortage of food or food is expensive. Often chronic and often simply depressing and would create despair in the minds of any group of people. So it not possible that when a person is very hungry for a period of time a reaction takes place in the brain that causes a reaction similar to the one that releases endorphins but which has the opposite effect? Maybe if people are left too hungry too long or live in conditions that are so abnormal, it would occur.

So shouldn’t we just feed the hungry enough food and make finding homes a major priority for any government – especially when they allow people across our borders? Maybe we would, then, this inhumanity will not occur.



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2 responses to “Xenophobia

  1. I was very involved in helping the dis-placed people. The whole situation was very upsetting, but good did come out from it. Many thousands of people stood up and helped out, even those who had nothing to give, gave what they had. Good definitely triumphed over evil.
    Unfortunately in our country we need to get over the “honeymoon of rainbow nation” and start seeing that people suffering more than ever before. The lack of education for the last 200 years is now the heaviest burden our country has.

  2. I can’t agree with you more and I just wish more people were like you and actually DO SOMETHING. I still believe that hunger creates such frustration and despair that the most positive thing to do is to feed people. It is food crazy people like us that can actually DO something. I mean we create feasts out of nothing and I would do anything to be able to help in that regard. We are dealing with humans, not animals. Why do we not care? We hear about it, talk about it and forget about it just as quickly.

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