An exception to my rule

I never mix politics and food and will, ordinarily, steer away from  it. However,  the thought that millions of children go hungry while I eat enough and that they go to sleep feeling the agony of severe hunger gnawing at whatever part of the body feels it first has to allow me one exception to my rule.

To illustrate the absurdity of it all, please bear with me:  dinner, for me, was a simple salad, South African Geluksfontein goat cheese and bread that Mark had baked, in an oven. I own an oven.  I had no wine, but only because I didn’t feel like any and had mineral water instead. I bought the mineral water and paid for it. I asked him to make coffee and I felt full. Not hungry. Then I read something that made me feel sick enough  to feel obliged to ask this question. and I need to know whether anybody else feels the same! I am compelled to ask, to seek some reaction. Does anybody give a damn?  I enclose an excerpt from that article below.

In 2001 there were 2,893,251 human beings living in Cape Town. If we ignore the massive increase in population since then and take only 10%, we arrive at 289,300, give or take a few. Is it possible that not even a few of those people knew that they were starving? Why did someone not announce that they needed food? Why were there no kitchens (in tents, if necessary) where ordinary citizens could come and simply do whatever they could to feed these people? Capetonians are wonderful, amazing, generous people. I would count on them in any crisis any day. They have huge hearts. Why the hell are they being left out of trying to find solutions to their own problem? Or is someone deliberately trying to stop this from happening?

A Zimbabwean job-seeker who collapsed and died in Cape Town last week, is said to have succumbed to starvation ….. He had spent a month at the Home Affairs Refugee Centre, trying to get a work permit, reportedly with nothing to eat, sleeping in a cardboard box

Is there anybody in Cape Town that could do something about this. For goodness sake, are we barbarians now?



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2 responses to “An exception to my rule

  1. Gabi

    I agree with you!! And thankfully there are several groups of people that quietly do what they can to help. Wouldn’t it be great though, if an ever growing number of us would get involved?

  2. justfoodnow

    If those groups could communicate with one another we would, actually, be able to do something effectively. Isn’t it sad that we need to shout really loudly to make people hear?

    We have a local radio station, KFM, that manages to motivate their listeneners to such an extent that they can make miracles happen. Their sheer energy is an inspiration – but more than that, an example of the energy required to get anything done.

    Any takers?

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