Should foie gras be banned?

Look, no-one can condone the methodology here, but Foie Gras has been around since about 2, 500 BCE when some enterprising Egyptians that lived in the area that stretches from Sudan today right up to Syria began force feeding their geese and ducks. They tried to capture the cranes at one stage but gave up in desperation when they realised they could never make it work. The cranes just died because the migratory instinct was just too strong. Apparently they tied the cranes down in the marshes by using some kind of string and attaching it to the wings.

Geese were used because they were migratory birds and therefore produced bigger clutches of eggs. It seems logical that they would, then, have more eggs and more birds producing more livers. Simple economics.

It is a cruel practise, granted, but how are we ever going to end it? Is it really more cruel than cutting off a head, twisting off a neck or killing a pig that knows, absolutely, he is about to die. Is it more cruel than forcing a cousin of the goose into a battery and making it live out its entire life in circumstances so horrific that it is only recently that it was made known to all and sundry? Yet we happily eat chicken mayo or hardboiled eggs …..

And the problem is? Foie gras is absolutely, undoubtedly one of the most delicious things known to man. It is unhealthy and potentially lethal, but meltingly, intoxicatingly delicious.

Which is why I would love to know whether it should be banned ………………….



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5 responses to “Should foie gras be banned?

  1. so how is this different from killing other poultry and like you rightly pointed out the – the case of the pig.
    Animals were created for human consumption..or we would have an over population of animals…eating us.
    Natural selection, survival of the fittest…that is how things were intended to be…

  2. justfoodnow

    Of course it isn’t, but it is unacceptable by many sensitive concerned citizens and those persons that are so extremely concerned about the health and feelings of trees – as well as the feelings of animals (whilst glaring at children sleeping on streets in tiny shivering hungry bundles for being in their way) certainly do object!

  3. justfoodnow

    Chicago overturns foie gras ban

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    From the Associated Press:

    CHICAGO — The Chicago City Council has repealed its controversial two-year-old ban on foie gras (fwah-GRAH’), a delicacy made of duck and goose liver.

    The vote was led by Mayor Richard M. Daley, who called the measure that went into effect in August 2006 the “silliest” ordinance the council’s ever passed.

    Supporters of the ban consider foie gras cruel because geese and ducks are force-fed to make their livers bigger.

    The measure passed Wednesday by a vote of 37-6 with no debate.

    The Illinois Restaurant Association and a local restaurant had filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to overturn the ban, but a U.S. District Court judge dismissed the effort last June.

  4. No, it shouldn’t be banned!! The entire campaign to ban foie gras is a perfect example of wanting to be seen to be doing something about animal rights, instead of having to do some actual hard, difficult work to improve the animals’ lot. Tarteting foie gras is easy because it is such an expensive, niche product with a small market, so even if you annoy a few rich voters or tiny producers by banning it, you still get elected and you can say “see my great record on animal welfare!”. On the other hand, finishing off the battery chicken farming industry will take real effort and real money, and you will annoy Big Business as well as the majority of the electorate who demand cheap food at any cost. To me, it’s like calling for a return of the death penalty to show how tough you are on crime – it’s just window-dressing without addressing any of the larger, real, difficult problems!!

    Oh yes, and foie gras is truly the most delicious thing ever to pass my lips…

  5. Jeanne, just back from hospital now, so sorry for the late comment.

    Of course it is! The cruelty aspect is a bit offputting – but only as offputting as watching a human being doing it to him/herself! There’s little difference – apart from the fact that the goose has it done to him – much like some people do to their young babies when they force feed them!

    I am being a very catty now , but it is being done in a light hearted manner – I have no problem with disagreement at all. As long as it is done correctly and everything is tackled at the same time. In other words, lets stop wearing furs, stop eating battery chickens & eggs, stop testing any animal in any lab for anything – in fact, why don’t we stop using any animal products at all. Become vegan, wear only paper shoes, lose the industry ……..

    Those that have achieved this in life, talk and I will listen.

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